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Moments of happiness add up

Collage of smiling peopleWhen I ask clients what makes them happy, sometimes they freeze. It makes me sad: how can someone not state something in their life that brings them joy and happiness?

So many of us live our lives not even knowing who we are, not able to accept ourselves for who we are. Too often we get stuck in the struggle of life, the stresses of life and the materialism of life.

When I think about what makes me happy, it’s living at 100%. Those moments of happiness are:

  • my nieces and nephews perking up when they see me and shouting “Auntie Megs,” followed with a big hug
  • when I catch a glimpse of my hubby looking at me like we were still dating, or how he can drive me crazy and make me laugh all within a five-minute time frame
  • when time is spent with my two OLDER sisters (just to be clear, haha!). We three have the capability of being surrounded by hundreds of people but able to block them out and focus on each other. We will laugh until we cry, can’t breath or (they) even pee a little. We have a bond that only we could possibly understand, between our conversations and brutal honesty.
  • being able to pursue my passion in fitness and wellness at a personal and professional level
  • to physically and mentally be capable to finish marathons, half-marathons, sprint triathlons, intense fitness classes, one more rep and all the gratification fitness gives me
  • our newest addition to the family, our golden doodle puppy (of course, a puppy is instantly going to warm your heart regardless of how many accidents they have on your brand news floors!)

Another thing which might be weird to many of you if you haven’t dealt with death or grief, is that it definitely puts life into a different perspective. When my mother was battling cancer, I once asked her if she would change the way she lived life up to that point. She instantly said, “No, I have had a great life and I wouldn’t change a thing.” When someone is fighting for their life everyday and they say they wouldn’t change a darn thing about their past up to their present moment—that right there is living life at 100%. When my time comes I want to tell everyone that it was one heck of a ride, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

To me living life at 100% is—

  • making the choice to be happy
  • making the choice to surround myself with people who are going to lift me up and not down
  • focusing on the positive and walk away from the negative
  • making the choice to put my health and wellness on the priority list
  • making the choice to focus on the exciting ride of life, the mistakes we learn from and usually laugh about
  • being happy with what I have and not dwell on what I don’t have
  • making the choice to love who I am, flaws and all


It is definitely worth living and living it at 100%!

Megs Swenson
Certified Athletic Trainer and Wellness Coach
Webster, WI