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The Post-It Note Method of Changing Behavior

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One Woman’s Path Towards Life @ 100 Percent

Thank you for letting me submit this blog! I have read the rest of them on this site over the past year, and have been so impressed with all of the good experience and wisdom shared. What a wonderful way to look at life, living it to my own, personal 100 percent.

Although I struggled through a period of my life many years ago now, I haven’t stopped savoring the sweetness of life unfettered by addiction and its resulting mental anguish.

When I was down for the count and willing to listen to voices other than my own, one of the first things I remember hearing was, “You only have to change one thing. Everything.” I wasn’t ready to find that funny quite yet, but without having a better plan, I ventured forward, guided by loving Sherpas, and chipped away at attitudes and behaviors that prevented me from the life I yearned for.

Post it note remindersWho could have predicted that Post-it notes would be the most valuable tool for changing “everything?” Before long, my bathroom mirror would remind me in the morning to take a deep breath and say “thank you for this life” to the universe or wherever else I reached out for strength. My refrigerator door would tell me to “take some of the good, fresh food in here to work with you, “ and the dashboard of my car would instruct me to “be patient and kind with the other drivers on the road.” Post-it notes nudged me to go to bed instead of reading one more chapter in the book that was keeping me up too late. They pushed me to take a walk before work and get to a support group meeting after work instead of heading home. And when the sticky stuff wore off and notes slipped to the floor or ground, I either added tape or copied it onto a new Post-it, whichever was most convenient.

These many years later, I haven’t lost the habit of scattering reminders throughout my routine pathway. “Meditate before leaving this room” in my bedroom. “10 nose breathing exercises” in my car. “ And two in my office currently–”G-list (gratitude list)” and “Breathe.”

Every day is a day I can bring good health into my life, thanks to the little reminders made possible by Post-it notes.

Laurie O’Neill
Duluth, MN

No Post-it was necessary to have a great time playing tennis in northern Minnesota with six awesome sisters!